What does a Periodontist Really do?

Many people ask the same question: what does a periodontist do? To understand what it is, we have to take a look at many factors. Remember not to confuse a periodontist with a pediatrician. Both are entirely different! One specializes in teeth while the other specializes in helping to cure children. Knowing the area of periodontics can help determine whether you require it.

What exactly is it?

It focuses on healing gums and other structures around the teeth. Many factors can ruin these important places. An individual who specializes in this area is known as a periodontist. They work to help treat, cure, and prevent diseases, many times with other things in the way. After graduating from school, many take three years of extra education to obtain better knowledge. Knowing the latest methods to help identify and cure diseases, they become experts in the field. They can also be trained in other procedures.

Specifically, what do periodontists do?

Having great knowledge, they can heal anything ranging from mild gingivitis to more severe periodontitis. They can use many treatments, such as scaling and root planing. If a patient has tough gum disease, a periodontist can perform surgery on it. They can also take care of dental implants.

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