Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

When you hear sedation dentistry you probably want to scream and run the other way, and if you have a child who may benefit from it, you’re probably more afraid than they are right about now.  Admittedly, it does sound somewhat terrifying, but it’s really not as frightening as it may sound.

Sedation dentistry, as you may have guessed, is a term used for when a patient is given any sort of medication in order to assist them to feel more relaxed during a dental procedure.  What may surprise you, on the other hand, is that patients are generally awake during these procedures.

Sedation dentistry is safe as it does not actually make you fall asleep, but rather brings you to a dream like state.  This will allow you to remain conscious while simultaneously relaxing you.  You will simply feel calm and at ease throughout the entirety of the work being done.

Though there is always some risk, generally speaking, sedation and anesthesia is safe for most individuals when administered by a licensed and experienced dentist.  People who may be at risk of complications are those who may be obese or experience sleep apnea.  If you think this might be you, talk to your doctor beforehand.

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