Is Full Mouth Extraction Necessary?

Attractive teeth can enhance a person’s personality. However, there can be certain reasons due to which one may decide to go for full mouth extraction. Ignoring oral hygiene can cost a lot to a person. One may develop widespread caries and periodontal diseases that it would be difficult for any treatment to save the teeth. Because of this the only option left will be to extract all the teeth.

In some of the cases, people may prefer a full mouth extraction because of genetic dental problems, hereditary issues, or an unhealthy diet.

Purpose of full mouth extraction

The main purpose of extracting all the teeth is to relieve a patient from acute pain. Furthermore, the infection in teeth and gums may cause severe oral problems. It is, therefore, beneficial that the dentist extracts all the teeth in a single go and save the patient from unwanted complications.

Extraction of all the teeth in one go may have some psychological impacts as well as the person may fear the final look after the procedure. The person may also fear excessive pain. However, if the infected teeth go untreated, they cause problems for the overall health. The dentist recommends full mouth extraction in the following cases:

Widespread Cavities 

When the cavities spread in all the teeth, it is wise to go for full mouth extraction. If the patient does not agree to get all the teeth extracted, the infection may affect all supporting structures of the teeth. Blame can be put on the eating habit of the people in the current era. Fast food, soda drinks juices, and energy drinks, all are the main culprits.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is treatable. But when after all the measures the disease still exists, it is good to get the teeth extracted. In case it remains untreated, it may affect the surrounding area and may even raise the risk of heart disease. Though extraction requires healing time and due aftercare, it is the best solution to be free from all the trouble-making teeth.

People may worry that after full mouth extraction, they may not feel comfortable talking to people. Texas Premier Dental can solve this problem by offering partial and full dentures. Now, even after losing all your teeth, you will still be able to wear a beautiful smile. Call us today on 281.206.0100 and get all the details about full mouth extraction.