How to Fix a Broken/Chipped Tooth

The protective layer of the teeth—the enamel—is the strongest tissue in the body.  Nevertheless, it can break/chip if you strain your teeth excessively e.g., when you use your teeth as a bottle opener or chew ice aggressively. If you’ve chipped a tooth, here are some ways to fix it and return your tooth to full functionality:

Seek Professional Care

Your best bet is to visit a local dentist and receive professional care. The longer you wait, the more damaged your teeth get. A broken tooth is also very vulnerable to infections. And if your teeth get infected, you run the risk of extensive damage and tooth loss.

While You Wait

If you are unable to see a dentist immediately, here are some temporary remedies you can employ at home:

  • Take an over-the-counter analgesic to reduce the pain.
  • Reduce the risk of infection by rinsing your mouth out with a solution of salt and water. Please note that this is only a reprieve; some bacteria are immune to salt and water.
  • If the broken tooth has a sharp edge, use a piece of sugar-free gum to cover the surface. This helps you avoid cutting your tongue or cheek.


How a Broken Tooth is Fixed

Only a dentist can fix a broken tooth completely. Depending on how damaged the tooth is, your dentist will recommend one of the following procedures for you:


Residents of Texas with a chipped or broken tooth can visit Texas Premier Dental Clinic in Cypress for professional treatment. Call 281-206-0100 for any inquiries or to make an appointment.