Get Whiter Teeth at Texas Premier Dental

Many things can affect the brightness of your teeth. Brushing and flossing properly will do a lot to keep them clean and looking nice, but over time even with the best care, they will lose their brightness. You can fight back, and your Texas Premier Dental dentist can help. Get your teeth whiter with professional whitening.

Advantages of Whitening Teeth

Having your teeth whitened is like drinking from the fountain of youth. It is one of the easiest ways to shed years from your appearance. Dull, dingy-looking teeth can age you. Whitening your teeth make you look younger. You can whiten your teeth yourself or you can have your Texas Premier Dental dentist do it for you.

Why Choose Professional Whitening over Commercial Products

Just about every store that carries toothpaste also carries a variety of teeth whitening products. You can get pastes, or strips to put on your teeth to whiten them. You can also get whitening agents that use plastic trays. A gel is put in the tray and you hold your teeth in the tray while the gel bleaches your teeth. You can purchase teeth bleaching kits. The bleaching agent is painted on your teeth.

Many of these products are good. Many will get your teeth whiter; however, some can also do damage. Some tooth stains may not respond to the whitening agents in over-the-counter products. Commercial products often treat the surface stains on the teeth. This is particularly true of the whitening toothpaste. They do not bleach the teeth or have any effect on stains deeper in the tooth.

Having Your Teeth Whitened By Your Texas Premier Dental Dentist

When you have your teeth whitened by a professional, you have the advantage of knowing the process will be safe. You also know that your Texas Premier Dental dentist will whiten your teeth correctly and get the maximum results. You will see results by the end of your visit.

High-quality bleaching agents are used to bleach out stains on the surface and deeper in the enamel of the teeth. Your teeth will have a beautiful, translucent glow. Your dentist will ensure that your gums are protected from the bleaching agent. A special product is put on them to prevent them from irritation during the bleaching process.

Contact Texas Premier Dental for a professional whitening of your teeth. Schedule an appointment so you can learn which of our dental whitening processes will be best for you. Make that call today so you can get the brilliant smile you want.