Food for healthy gums

We often take care of our teeth and worry about their health. But teeth can only be healthy when our gums are healthy. A bright smile with weak gums can never last long. Therefore, along with taking care of teeth, we should also think about food for healthy gums.

Healthy gums are essential for oral health as these support bones around your teeth. The stronger the gums, the stronger will be your teeth. Several food items prove incredibly beneficial in making the gums strong and healthy.

What is healthy for gums?

Gums work a lot daily for fighting against bacteria that make teeth weak. However, these also need protection to work efficiently. These are some food for healthy gums:

Citrus fruits: All fruits that have vitamin C, such as oranges, pineapples, strawberries, are beneficial in making gums healthy. A regular intake of such fruits will make gums as well as teeth stronger and healthier.

Carrots and apples: Naturally, crunchy food makes the gums stronger — such food help in scrapping away plaque that is accumulated on the enamel and in between teeth.

Dairy product: Milk, cheese, yogurt, cream all are best friends of gums. These, if made a regular part of one’s meal, will help gums stay protected and healthy. Such food items are rich in calcium and good for teeth and gums both.

Green leafy vegetables: Green leaves are filled with minerals, vitamins, and calcium. These foods increase the production of red blood cells and also help in managing inflammation. These also fight against gum diseases.

So, if one wants healthy gum, he/she should take care of what food to eat daily. On your next dental visit at Texas Premier Dental, ask your dentist to suggest some food for healthy gums. You can also call us on 281-206-0100.