Different ways the Corona Virus can affect you and your loved ones

All of us; whether we are in first world countries or developing countries, are facing a dreadful crisis and have no way of protecting ourselves medically. There have been almost 100,000+ deaths in America alone, and it could increase if we were to not lock down the country. Even though it seems like a small virus, it can have a huge impact on you and those that are dear to you. It is necessary to follow all government regulations and ensure that you are up to date with the CDC.

There are many severe effects of contracting the coronavirus; to name a few:

1.   It can cause severe coughing, severe respiratory breathing issues, and severe fever:

  • Contracting the virus is one thing; having to face the side effects and symptoms is another. If unfortunately, you do contract the Coronavirus, you may have severe effects such as non-stop coughing, heavy breathing, and even high-temperature fevers. This is especially dangerous for those who may have underlying conditions, so it is necessary to follow all precautions to ensure that the coronavirus does not get into you or anyone you care for and cause these dreadful effects.


2.  You could possibly be hospitalized and not allowed to meet any of your loved ones:

You are already dealing with symptoms; now, the doctor says you are not allowed to see anyone until you re fully recovered. Many of our fellow Americans had to see their mother or father pass away, without even getting o say goodbye. In some cases, doctors are not allowed to let anyone come into the room even after the patient has passed away, as COVID-19 can continue to live for a short period of time. In order to avoid this tragic experience, ensure you are maintaining social distancing and following all protocols to ensure you do not have to see such a tragic day!

While these are a few steps, these have shown to cause a huge impact! Stay safe and try not to go anywhere if it is not necessary!