Dental Crown: What to do if it falls out?

A dental crown is a cap made to fit over damaged teeth. It helps in improving the build, shape, size, and appearance of a weakened tooth. It usually covers your entire tooth and lasts a while. But what if your dental crown fell out?

Yes, they are made to last a while, but you might find yourself in this situation. Don’t worry; you can always find the cause and solution by visiting your dentist.

And remember: you are not the first person to experience this!

Reasons your crown fell out:

A dental crown falls out due to a number of reasons, which are listed below for you:

  • Decaying tooth under the crown. If the bacteria gets under the crown, It may also wear off the cement of the crown, causing it to come loose or fall out. On the other hand, the tooth under the crown might start forming cavities or decaying. This will disturb the fit of the crown.
  • A crown may fall out due to ill-fitting.
  • The cement holding the crown may not be enough.
  • Sticky food
  • Teeth grinding
  • Severely weakened tooth

Anyone (or more) of these could be why your crown fell out.

What to do if my dental crown fell out?

There is a solution to every problem. First things first- relax! A crown falling off may be a serious matter, but you can always recover. If your dental crown fell out, just follow these steps:

1. Tell your dentist that your crown fell out:

Contact your dentist immediately. The tooth under the crown is in a weak condition, hence the need for the crown. Let your dentist know instantly if you find yourself in this situation.

2. Clean your dental crown:

You can always recover your dental crown if it is in good shape. Using warm water, rinse off your crown gently. Keep it safe, preferably in a plastic bag, to take it to the dentist with you. Your dentist can reattach the crown if possible.

3. Tend to your tooth after the crown fell out:

Your tooth is most likely sore, sensitive, and weak. If you cannot get immediate dental care, care for it yourself! You can get a temporary dental cement or dental wax to protect your tooth until your appointment. The dentist will remove them and follow the necessary procedure.

4. Get the necessary treatment:

Your dentist may simply reattach your crown if it is still in good condition. Although it might be possible that your tooth or crown is damaged and cannot be reattached. In that case, your dentist will run you through dental crown replacement options.

The Takeaway:

A dental crown is made to last for years. But in case your crown fell out, just follow the steps mentioned above. Protect your teeth and avoid any food that may cause discomfort. Also, do not chew from the weak side of your mouth!

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