Cosmetic Dentist: Your Miracle-Worker

With cosmetic dentistry, you can completely revitalize your smile. Your expert cosmetic dentist will serve as your personal miracle-worker. Cosmetic dentistry involves a range of treatments which aim to improve the look and shape of your teeth.

Although these treatments are not generally designed to help with function, there are a number of other benefits for patients. Cosmetic dentistry goes a long way toward improving self-esteem, building confidence and giving patients a sense of pride in their smile.

Simple Treatments

Many cosmetic dentistry treatments are quick, simple and usually painless. Teeth whitening or bleaching will significantly improve the appearance of teeth, creating a more vibrant smile. You can also have gum depigmentation treatment, which will lighten the color of darker gums.

Other cosmetic dental options, such as tooth reshaping, will also change the appearance of teeth. A dentist will normally carry out tooth reshaping in order to change the length of the tooth or reshape a tooth that is cracked. This treatment will make your teeth more uniform in shape and alignment, which improves the overall look of your smile.

Advanced Treatments

To correct more severe problems with the shape and appearance of teeth, your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain veneers, bonding or crowns. These cosmetic dental treatments can change both the shape and color of the tooth. Furthermore, in many cases veneers, bonding or crowns will improve the functionality of the teeth as well.

If you have gaps between your teeth, which are making you reluctant to smile, these cosmetic dental treatments can help restore your confidence in your smile. Additionally, the dentist can match the color of the bonded material to your surrounding teeth, giving your smile a more natural look.

Your miracle-worker, at Texas Premier Dental, will consult with you to decide on the best course of cosmetic dentistry for you. Regardless of which type of treatment we recommend for you, we will make sure that you are fully informed on the process from beginning to end.

If the color or shape of your teeth has been getting you down, contact our office to arrange an appointment with our resident cosmetic dentist. Once your cosmetic dentist has assessed your teeth and gums, you can begin receiving the treatment you need to correct problems with your teeth and gums. When your treatment is complete, you won’t even recognize your own smile. However, you will have the confidence to once again show off your smile to the world.