Are You Suffering From Jaw pain On One Side Only?

Pain on the face can be alarming, but pain on one side of your jaw is a completely different situation. It is not dangerous but indicates that there is an issue you need to take care of it soon.

This pain could be because of one of the issues:

It Could Be Because Of Tumors and Cysts

The first reason your dentist may assume is the pain could be because of a tumor or cyst. It is a lump of tissue made up of fluid. It may sound rare, but it does happen in the jaw area. This lump could be dangerous and can be damaging to your oral health. If you see any bleeding or white patching, you need to get it checked.

It Could Be Because Of Sinusitis

Sinus is another issue because of which you may experience one side pain. If you have an unknown cold or allergies, you may experience sinus. Because the sinus inflammation is behind the cheeks, you may complain of jaw pain on one side. If you notice spitting out green or yellow mucus, you must wait for some days and take medicine. If symptoms remain for longer, visit your doctor.

Dental Problems

If you often have one side of jaw pains, then the problem may also be dental-related. It could be because of your wisdom teeth, gum disease, or alignment of teeth. If this is the case, you should visit your dentist soon.

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