Are you experiencing sore teeth from braces?

The idea of getting braces can be scary for many due to the pain they may bring along with them. However, even if you are experiencing sore teeth from braces, the pain and discomfort are not as bad as you might think it to be. There are numerous reasons due to which a person may have trouble with their braces and may have sore teeth.

Reasons for teeth pain due to braces

When you get your braces they often pain but not severely. Mild soreness is also experienced in teeth in the first week due to the pressure of bands and wires. The pain from braces can be due to either internal or external factors that settle after a few days.

Internal pain occurs due to a change in blood flow that occurs due to applying braces. Braces put pressure on the teeth and the pressure may cause teeth to pain at times. Whereas external pain occurs when the brackets and wires of braces rub on the teeth. The tightening of braces may cause the soft tissues inside the mouth to pain. However, sore teeth from braces become better within a few days.

Braces tightening and sore teeth

The pressure that braces put on the teeth helps to make the alignment of teeth straight. With every visit, the orthodontist will evaluate the position of your teeth and will further tighten them. You may experience sore teeth from braces tightening as it would put pressure again on your teeth. The discomfort will be less as compared to the first fit.

Relieving soreness and pain from braces

Many over-the-counter medicines help to make soreness and pain caused by braces pressure better. However, in addition to medicines the following may also help:

  • Eating soft food like pasta and soft vegetables can ease your pain.
  • A toothbrush with soft bristles helps sore teeth from braces to relax
  • The use of mouthguards while playing sports can also protect braces and protect teeth from getting hit by an object.

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