5 Vitamins and Minerals That Enrich the Teeth

Every day, you consume foods (like bread, dried fruits, chips, etc.) and drinks (sodas, citrus juices, and alcohol) that harm your teeth.  To counterbalance the effect of these foods, the teeth need a steady supply of vitamins and minerals. Here are some nutrients you can consume to enrich and strengthen your teeth:

    1. Calcium

Calcium is one of the most important nutrients for dental health. It strengthens the teeth just like it does the bones. Common sources include dairy, salmon, canned sardines, almonds, beans, and leafy vegetables.

    1. Phosphorus

Per medical studies, phosphorus is second only to calcium as the most abundant mineral in the body. And most of it is in the teeth, where phosphorus works in rebuilding tooth enamel. Phosphorus is found naturally in protein-rich foods e.g. fish, meat, and eggs. It is also found in nuts, legumes, and whole grains.

    1. Vitamin A

Like phosphorus, vitamin A helps rebuild enamel. It is also vital for gum health. The form of vitamin A that is good for the teeth is found in meat, poultry, dairy, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

    1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has no effect on the teeth. It is, however, good for the gums. And the stronger the gums, the better for the teeth. Vitamin C supports the formation of blood vessels and tissues in the gums; a deficiency of the vitamin causes bleeding gums.

Rich sources of vitamin C are tomatoes, white/sweet potatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green/red pepper, berries, and leafy greens.

    1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium and it carries the mineral to the bloodstream where it is distributed to the organs (including the teeth). Without vitamin D, calcium drains out of the body through the bones. It is commonly found in cereals and dairy products. The sun is also a natural source.

For optimal dental health, incorporate these vitamins and minerals into your daily diet. Visit Texas Premier Dental for checkups and all your dental care needs. To make an appointment, call 281-206-0100 now.